Cinematographer Badge

Cinematographer Badge

Now that you have attended the Cinematographer sessions, we hope that you had learnt a thing or two about the motion film industry as well as picked up some tips on how to improve your video filming techniques.

Upload a simple 3-5 minute short video that demonstrate your understanding of the following video filming techniques (Choose any 3).

  • Shooting at an Angle (E.g. Low Angle, Eye Level)
  • Camera Movement (E.g. Tilt, Pan, Handheld)
  • Framing (E.g. Two Shots, Point-of-View)
  • Shot Size (E.g. Close-up, Full Shot)

You may choose any topic of interest but strictly no outdoor shoots (in view of co-vid). Have fun but be safe, fellow scouters!

Google Form Link for Assignment
* You may choose to submit your work in multiple videos instead of a single video.
* Please name your video files in the following format: Name_Unit (E.g. Caleb Teo_Phoenix.mp4)
* Please have your video files ready (less than 300mb in size each) before completing the form. Thank you.

Here’s some useful websites and videos for those who would like to read up more about Cinematography.

Motion Picture Industry & Film Crew Production:

Video Filming Techniques: