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DJC 2022 Q4 – Show and Tell

Challenge Objective:In this last quarter, Scouts are encouraged to take part in this reflective exercise by compiling their completed challenges (visiting a heritage centre & learning about another race) for the year and share about their Diversity & Inclusion journey. Your Task:Complete the following reflection form below.Deadline: End March 2023

DJC 2022 Q2 – Widen Your Beliefs

Challenge Objective:In Scouts, ‘Duty to God’ is integral to the Scout Promise. Hence, this challenge encourages Scouts to learn about spiritual beliefs and widen their perspective of the world. Your Task:Visit a place of spiritual importance, observe its practices and journal your learnings During the visit, you would need to:1) List down 3 things about…
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DJC 2022 Q1 – Know Your Singapore

Challenge Objective:Scouts are encouraged to discover and learn about a culture of interest in Singapore. This challenge aims to reinforce racial harmony in our society and encourage cultural understanding between different races. Your Task:Visit a cultural location to learn more about its heritage and its involvement in the society, past and present. (E.g. Chinatown, Little…
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World Friendship Proficiency Badge

We hope that you had enjoyed the zoom session on World Friendship. To successfully attain your World Friendship Badge, you are required to complete the following assignment via the Google Form link below. 1) Write about how Cub Scouts can help contribute to World Peace. 2) Draw 6 National Scout Emblems of Scout Associations in…
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Civics Proficiency Badge

We hope that the zoom session on Singapore Civics has given you a deeper understanding of our governmental system and how it had helped led and developed our country to what it is today. To successfully attain your Civics Proficiency Badge, you are required to complete the following assignment via the Google Link below. Please…
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Observer Badge

Well done on the Kim’s Game! As mentioned, the Kim’s Game is just a part of the requirement for the Observer Proficiency Badge. You would be required to complete the following assignments for the successful attainment of this badge. 1) WATCH THE NATIONAL DAY PARADESince National Day is just around the corner, let’s watch the…
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Cinematographer Badge

Now that you have attended the Cinematographer sessions, we hope that you had learnt a thing or two about the motion film industry as well as picked up some tips on how to improve your video filming techniques. YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR BADGE ACHIEVEMENTUpload a simple 3-5 minute short video that demonstrate your understanding of the…
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Responsible Gamer Badge

Hooray! It’s the year end holidays and I bet everyone is excited now that you get to play all the video or mobile games you want! Nevertheless, we trust that as scouts, you will demonstrate to your parents/guardians that you can be a responsible gamer and not be overly indulging yourself with too much games…
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Grow Your Own Sea Monkeys!

WHAT EXACTLY IS A SEA MONKEY?Sea monkeys are not actually monkeys and they do not live in the sea. They are best described as a breed of brine shrimp (Artemia) that lives in salt lakes but is produced commercially and sold as novelty pets. They became popular since they are easy to care for and only…
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Health Protector Badge

Thank you for taking time to attend the first part of the Health Protector Badge Scheme in which you had learnt about fake news and how to identify real information against them. To learn more about fake news, you can get more information from this link by the Media Literary Council. You are required to…
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