Diamond Jubilee Challenge

The four-year Diamond Jubilee Challenge was launched by our Chief Scout, President Halimah Yacob, on Saturday, 29 January 2022.

It is a youth-led and adult-supported initiative where our Scouts will learn more about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, discover their place in the community as well as what it means to be a Singaporean, and at the same time, contribute to “Creating a Better World”.

The four-year project culminates in the celebration of Singapore's 60th year of nationhood
- its Diamond Jubilee - in 2025.

Our Scouts will participate in thematic activities each year targeted at the development of values, character, social-emotional well-being, and citizenship dispositions in a  coherent and holistic way.

The Diamond Jubilee Challenge is split into four yearly themes as per follows:

2022 - Diversity and Inclusion
2023 – Environment
2024 – Skills for Life
2025 – Civics and Citizenry

In every quarter, Scouts will carry out activities to complete the quarterly challenge that aim to reinforce the theme for that year. These activities could be self-initiated or conducted at the unit level. Upon completion, they will be awarded a challenge badge.

Phoenix Scout Group is in support of the Diamond Jubilee Challenge.