Frequently Asked Questions

Gardens By the Bay

Q) Is it true that family members can join in for all scouting activities?

Unlike school scout groups, we are a community-based scouting group promoting community and family cohesion through scouting activities so family members are more than welcome to join us for our activities.  However, do note that some national and area level scout events are not opened to family members.

Q) I took up scouting as a CCA at school. Am I able to join Phoenix Scout Group still?

Yes. You are able to join Phoenix Scout Group. However, your school unit will be set as your default primary unit while Phoenix Scout Group will be your secondary unit. It would be good to inform your school scout teacher ahead of your plans to join Phoenix Scout Group.

Q) Would the badges I earned at Phoenix Scout Group be recognised by my school?

For those in school scout CCA, yes, it is recognised. The badges you earned can be worn on your school scout uniform too.  You would need to notify your school scout teacher of any badges you earned and provide him with a copy of the certificate if any.

For those who are not in school scout CCA but wish to record your accolades earned through Phoenix Scout Group with your school, please check with your school administration as such arrangements varies from school to school.

Q) Is attendance compulsory?

Though attendance is not compulsory and we understand that studies take precedence, we strongly encourage participation if your goal is to clear as much of the scout progress criteria as possible and aim for top scouting awards.

Q) Will there be sessions during exam period?

Phoenix activities ceased during major exam periods as we would like our members to devote their time and energy on their studies.

Q) Do I need to pay for the activities?

Fees for activities will be born by Phoenix Scout Group unless specified.  A charge will be imposed should there be a no-show or last-minute withdrawal without a valid reason. As in most cases, payment would have already been made to third-party organisations.

Q) Am I covered under insurance for scouting activities conducted by Phoenix?

Insurance coverage is only for members who are officially registered with The Singapore Scout Association.

Q) As a parent/guardian, I would like to contribute as well. How can I do so?

As a community-based scouting group, we welcome any form of contributions in any way. We have parents who help out with logistics, planning and even conducting some lessons in relation to their expertise. It is a rewarding experience for you as well as a boost to your child/ward’s confidence when they see your active involvement and it’s a culture that that we promote here at Phoenix Scout Group.

We also have parents who took a step further by registering themselves officially as scout leaders.  If you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of youth, you may also consider this pathway.  You need not have prior scouting experience but you will be required to attend courses organised by the Singapore Scout Association to better equip yourself as a scout leader.