Our Achievements

Frank Cooper Sands Award


Created in 1995 in honor of the father of Scouting in Singapore, the Frank Cooper Sands Award is awarded annually to sectional scout units for unit excellence. The assessment for the award centers on unit administration, unit participation, training and development, international participation, unit finances and unit initiatives. There are three achievement levels for each Section. The are namely Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our Frank Cooper Sands Award Achievements for 2018 & 2019

Akela Award

Akela Award

The Akela Award is the highest honour for a Cub Scout in Singapore. To qualify, nominees would first have attained the Gold Arrow proficiency badge and specific proficiency badges, possessed a general knowledge of scouting and a portfolio to show for his or her journey as a cub scout.  Those shortlisted would then be interviewed and undergo a series of games to demonstrate their leadership skills.

Our heartfelt congratulations to our fellow Phoenix members who have attained this award:

Akela Award 2019 Recipients

Nurul Illyanis(via Junyuan Primary*)
Gracia Lee(via Junyuan Primary*)

Akela Award 2020 Recipients

Arnav Surya Tripathi
Elisha Lee
Liang Tak Yin
Zechariah Teo (via Ngee Ann Primary*)
Erin Lee(via Junyuan Primary*)
Mavis Seng (via Junyuan Primary*)

Akela Award 2021 Recipients

Ethaniel Godwyn Gotama

Akela Award 2022 Recipients

Jedidiah Teo


* Phoenix members who took up scouting as CCA in their school.