Riding through COVID-19

The pandemic has brought significant changes to society and the way of life, and youth must keep pace with these changes around them. As scouts, we had to adapt accordingly. It was a tough journey for us but we had shown resilience.

Packing and delivering Care Packages for our members and their families.

Our group believes in lending our full support to frontline medical staff who had worked hard in combating the virus and our members have done so by penning words of encouragement to them through the SGSCoutCares initiative in 2020.

Another cause that our group has undertaken was to raise awareness on the surge in fake news during the pandemic period. We believe that the spread of fake news is detrimental to our society's peace and harmony as it can cause unnecessary fear mongering and public unrest. Phoenix members have made a conscious effort in informing relatives and friends on the dangers of fake news and not to spread them.

Placards designed by Phoenix Members on the Dangers of Fake News

We play our part as a socially responsible citizen by having our sessions conducted virtually over the pandemic period.
When government ruling allows, we organised outings with all safety protocols and safe distancing measures in place.