Our Response to Covid-19

Phoenix Scout Group stands firm in the belief that as scouts, we all play a part in overcoming this challenging period together.
We can do so by being socially responsible and showing support when needed.

Our group believes in lending our fullest support to frontline medical staff who are working very hard in combating the virus and our members have done so by penning words of encouragement to them through the SGScoutCares initiative.

Another cause that our group has undertaken is to build awareness on the surge in fake news during this Covid-19 pandemic period. We believe that the spread of fake news is detrimental to our society’s peace and harmony as it can cause unnecessary fear mongering and public unrest.

Our scout members have expressed their thoughts against the spread of fake news in the form of a placard they had designed.

If you like to learn more about fake news and its negative impact, you can visit this link by the Media Literary Council.

And if you share the same sentiments as us in regards to fake news, we would like to invite you to make a pledge in the column below to show your support. Thank you.

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