Our Sections

Cubs (7-12 years old)

Cub Scouts are boys and girls between the ages of seven and twelve and a half. The objective of the Cub Scouts program is to provide a group environment which is intellectually stimulating, physically vital and directed towards satisfying the child’s basic need to face and overcome challenges. Self-developmental activities are a well-entrenched components of the overall drive towards encouraging “Fun & Discovery” amongst the Cubs.

The activities are based on the natural sense of fun and enthusiasm of the age group and thus the training is achieved largely through games, interaction in small groups and activities.

Scouts (12-16 Years Old)

Scouts is for young people aged between 12 and 16. At this point in their lives, Scouts show great enthusiasm for activities that give them a sense of achievement and follow their special interests with intensity. During these years, the tailor-activities focus make young Scouting an experience in which young people gain character- developing qualities while having fun.

Their achievements they gain from the series of tests and training will give them a more in depth knowledge of Scouting skills and mark achievements in areas such as interest hobbies, first-aids, campcraft, air and water activities.

Scout Leaders & Parents

Our unit leaders are uniformed appointments entrusted with the smooth running of the group and are responsible for the planning of programmes and activities. Occasionally, we also have volunteer scout leaders coming in to assist depending on the need of the activity at hand. Our scout leaders undergo regular training and are carefully selected and screened as per the Scout Association’s stringent requirements before being allowed to assist in any of our programmes.

Our group is also supported by a pool of parents who are ever ready to contribute and help out in anyway they could - be it in logistics, planning or even conducting some of our activities based on their knowledge and expertise. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.