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Phoenix Family

"Phoenix Scout Group’s activities are both educational and fun, that’s why my Mason loves them! Parents get to join in as well, providing opportunities for enriching family bonding!"
 Mervyn, Father of Mason (Cub Scout Section)

"I look forward to every Saturday as I enjoy the outings and meetings Phoenix has planned... I love learning new things and seeing my scout friends."
 Sabrina (Scout Section)

"Phoenix activities has been a key part of my growing up. I've learned so many things like Friendship, Teamwork and Resilience during these activities. I wouldn't be where I am without Phoenix."
Illyanis (Scout Section)

"More than just activities, Phoenix Scout Group has taught my boys the values of working together, thinking for others and learning to lead by example. The values that the scout group has imparted to my boys are in sync with mine and it is what I hope to see my boys practice on a regular basis."
Timmoty, Father of Nathan (Scout Section) and Ethaniel (Cub Scout Section)

"I enjoy going to Phoenix as it is very fun. I love to go camping where I learnt to set up a tent with my friends and cook instant noodles together. I also made a lot of new friends and got to spend time with my daddy."
Jayden (Cub Scout Section)

"Phoenix activities are fun and engaging. It's also a bonding time for my family as well as my scout friends."
Zechariah (Cub Scout Section)