Responsible Gamer Badge

Responsible Gamer Badge

Hooray! It’s the year end holidays and I bet everyone is excited now that you get to play all the video or mobile games you want! Nevertheless, we trust that as scouts, you will demonstrate to your parents/guardians that you can be a responsible gamer and not be overly indulging yourself with too much games over this period.

Here’s a quick recap of the zoom session you have just attended on how to be a responsible gamer:

1) Set your priority rights.
2) Give yourself a strict time limit daily.
3) Create a gaming schedule or contract agreed upon with your parents/guardians.
4) Respect game ratings and do not play games that are not age appropriate.
5) Keep gaming devices out of your bedroom.
6) Keep yourself occupied with other fun activities.
7) Treat gaming as a reward for completing other tasks.
8) Acknowledge that you have a problem if you have been gaming too much.
9) Seek the help and support of your family and friends to curb gaming.
10) Schedule time each day for self care such as ample sleep, exercise and hygiene.

1) Learn to play a new video or mobile game this holiday. Describe the lessons you have learnt when playing the game.
2) Create a personal gaming schedule or contractual agreement for this holidays (E.g. I shall finish my studies before playing my game). Stick to it over the holidays and have it certified by your parents/guardians.

Have fun but play responsibly, fellow scouters!

Google Form Link for Assignment
* Please have an image file of your personal schedule or contract agreement ready before completing the form. Thank you.