Coronavirus Advisory & Travel Declaration Form

Coronavirus Advisory & Travel Declaration Form

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus (2019 n-CoV) in China and its spread to other countries, and the measures implemented by Singapore’s Ministry of Hea lth (MOH) and Ministry of Education (MOE), the Singapore Scout Association will be putting in place institutional measures to prevent our adults and youth involved in Scouting activities from contracting the virus. As such, all Scout Groups are instructed to adopt temperature taking and travel declaration as preventive actions.

Travel Declaration:
1) Travel Declaration forms are to be completed and submitted before the start of any Scout Activities with the use of the google form below. Please do so before turning up at any activities.
2) Leaders, parents and members with travel history to Mainland China should avoid attending any scout activities and stay ome for 14 days, notifying the unit leader immediately electronically. They should not turn up physically at the Scout Activities.

Temperature Taking:
1) Leaders, members and parents with temperature of 38 °C are advised to not participate in any scout activities. If they do turn up for the meeting, they are to be isolated from the Scout Group immediately, and have arrangements made to leave to see a doctor.
2) Leaders, parents and members are to bring their own Oral Digital Thermometers (ODT) for now. We have made arrangements for the procurement of contactless thermometers but it would take some time for them to arrive.

Battling coronavirus requires everyone’s effort and we truly seek your kind understanding and cooperation on the matter. Please ensure proper hygiene especially over this period.

Thank you.

Yours in Scouting,
Phoenix Scout Group